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You may even decide to pair two items together, such as the limo ride and the sporting event tickets. A bundle can get higher bids because the perceived value is higher. Being a private club member offers them exclusivity and potential networking opportunities. For example, a year’s membership to a golf club or country club is very appealing to attendees because they can rub shoulders with business owners and other successful people in town.
This is the perfect time to reach out for new partnerships, sponsorships, community relationships because you can do more than just hold your hand out. You can offer access to your event, advanced access to the auction, shared tasks and rewards, and build more than just surface-level acquaintanceships. Offer your community a new way to support you with a virtual fundraising event.
If you have a stable sales record and a reputable eBay profile but wish to showcase your eBay auctions on a separate website, consider using Auction Nudge. They are also safe to use with other best WordPress plugins to optimize your auctions’ reach and the site’s overall performance. The Chamber’s 2020 Silent Auction continues ONLINE through 7pm December 12th, allowing individuals from the business community to participate from the comfort of their home, office or cell phone.
The in-person bidders might have up to a 60-second lead time, leading to frustration and lost bids. If combining a live and virtual event, a better approach is to start with an entirely online auction, but have a small live auction afterward, as a special opportunity for in-person guests. With Dynamic Bid, you can post unlimited auction items with customizable viewing and bidding options. Add how to do silent auction , include sponsor logos, choose whether items are up for live bid, or allow participants to “Buy Now” with the click of a button.
When it comes to online transactions, security is of paramount importance. Choose a payment processing system that offers secure and encrypted transactions to protect your participants’ sensitive information. Utilize trusted payment gateways to process credit card payments securely.
Museum goers, zoo visitors, and frequenters of arboretums and others all miss life in these institutions. Don’t be afraid to get creative, and experiment with live feeds, social media, and other tools to help bring the party into your audience’s home. Cash appeals are a common fundraising strategy at charity auctions. Because not all guests will win an item or even bid, cash appeals supplement funds raised through bidding and other revenue opportunities. This is a critical step to the success of your silent auction’s bottom line.
We use cycling as a catalyst to teach kids to give back to our communities and support charities and entities we care about. To date, Team Booger has donated over $60,000 to charities through fundraising and donations. The 200 individuals we serve in south King, Pierce and Thurston counties have a wide range of disabilities and a number of barriers to traditional employment.
Kindful’s donor management tools are priced on a sliding scale depending on the number of contacts you’ll need to record. Kindful’s software offers rich integrations, making it easier than ever to make sense of your donor data. With the platform, you’re able to view individual donor records and transactional history, as well as information about your fundraising efforts, in one central location. Choose a CRM that brings data clarity to build better relationships with your donors. Kindful’s communication tools will also help you continue cultivating your donor relationships after the event takes place. Plus, collecting data about your auction event now can provide insight into engagement metrics that can be leveraged for your next charity event.
At the end of each auction, winning bidders will be notified as soon as possible via text. Manually managing auctions leads to inefficiencies, mistakes, communication issues, and inevitable burnout. Our online auction software for nonprofit organizations can help reduce manual work and stress by equipping your team with automated data entry. PropennyAuction is a free and open source auction software that allows you to manage any auction. It is flexible and customizable enough to work for a variety of industries.
Matching gift programs are one of the most underutilized but easily-obtained forms of corporate philanthropy. Double the Donation’s software allows donors and supporters to check their eligibility for a matched gift. Eligible supporters can ask for a match from their company for donations made to your organization during the event. By empowering donors to take action and reach out when they’re ready, you build stronger long-term relationships.