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The chemical industry uses our heating systems for chemical synthesis, polymerization, and reaction catalysis, and these heating systems rely on our valves to handle thermal oil and steam. Steam heating supplies and heat exchanger applications in power plants use different Baelz valve and ejector components to regulate thermal oil, cool and heat water, and circulate steam. Our steam-to-liquid ejectors recirculate, cool, and reduce steam buildup.
The cost of these valves falls between that of the butterfly and globe valves. Due to the in-line design inherent with characterized control ball valves, line media flows linearly through the piping system. The direct pattern provides increased media control and rapid response times to controller commands.
If van kitz modifying, it is field adjustable, and the temperature range can be changed without taking the valve out of the line. All stainless steel 3pc body with full port ball, and RTFE seats for zero leakage and high temperature applications. Female NPT ends, live loaded Belleville stem seal, mounted to an outdoor electric damper actuator NEMA 4 enclosure.
For this temperature control scheme to be effective, the temperature of the hot process fluid must always be above the set point T2 so that TCV will always be open. There are other temperature control schemes using temperature control valves but this is one method that is very popular in most process plants. It consists of a new PID process controller with temperature dead band, remote output alarms as standard and logic outputs to drive 25A solid state relays having significantly higher performance than standard relays. Controlling the temperature of engine fluids is essential to ensuring equipment efficiency and performance.
A 5-port valve is technically a 4-way valve since there are two ports open to exhaust. This is the most popular directional control valve because it can extend and retract double-acting cylinders, providing a wide range of control capabilities. This type of valve includes an inlet port, two outlet ports, and two exhaust ports. In a 2-position configuration, one output is flowing air from the inlet and the other is flowing air to an exhaust port.
Electric actuators work ideal with any ball valve or butterfly valve applications for oil and gas, water and wastewater, refineries, marine, and chemical plant environments. Multi-purpose control valves and high-precision control valves for steam with a pressure reducing valve as the base. Can be used for a variety of types of control when combined with a controller. Control valves and controllers automatically maintain pressure, temperature, etc. at the target value. As the room or return air temperature falls below the set point 72°F , the chilled water valve will be commanded closed, and face and bypass dampers shall be positioned to bypass position.