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Kratom is under preliminary research for its possible antipsychotic and antidepressant properties. Survey studies found that some people use kratom as a self-treatment strategy for conditions such as opioid use disorder, acute pain, chronic pain, and various mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression. Kratom is also being studied in order to design novel drugs … Read more

Fish farms: Good, bad, or downright ugly? National Consumers League National Consumers League

Catfish are often considered one of the more sustainable fish specifies for fish farming purposes. Cultivating catfish first began in the 1900s and became commercialized in the 1950s. Catfish is populous because of its health benefits and market demand.Once customers know your reputation, word of mouth will become much of your advertisement. Additionally, advertising within … Read more

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Allied Witan Company-Providing noise control solutions to industry for over 50 years. High precision parallel and angular grippers, rotary actuators, feed escapements, linear slides, thrusters, tool changers, and robot clutches. Browse a list of all Schneider Electric products, including legacy products. We empower all to make the most of their energy and resources, ensuring Life … Read more

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Thermostatic Diverting Valve

This mechanical actuation design results in excellent temperature control where the setpoint does not need frequent changes and is a more affordable way to effectively control temperature. Self-actuated temperature regulators are also called self-operated temperature regulators. The valve uses a spring return pneumatic actuator and positioner to control the rotation of the valve in response … Read more

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Ductile iron lug body ANSI 125# design, 304 stainless disc, EPDM seat, U cup advanced stem seal, extended neck for insulation, with mounting kit to an indoor electric damper actuator NEMA 2 enclosure. By closely controlling the pressure and temperature of both heating and cooling mediums within heat exchange systems, the use of an automated … Read more

Sterling 56-T Temperature Control Valve BBC Pump and Equipment Company, Inc

These are typically operated using air pressure to collapse the sleeve. Remote bulb controllers enable increased flexibility with remote monitoring of temperatures. They are offered in either copper or stainless steel and include a 3/8″ NPT brass compression fitting to allow direct mounting of the bulb in a pipe or tank in a variety of … Read more